How Triple4 can kickstart your digital transformation journey

Jul 9, 2020 | Digital Transformation

digital transformation
Technology has the power to improve your business, but it cannot transform your operations alone. This is where the digital transformation journey comes in.

Beyond the IT infrastructure and its parts; a digital transformation requires a shift in mindset and culture. Your employees need to align with your overall purpose.

By pairing individuals with the latest technology, your teams will be able to collaborate and work more productively in a digital environment. This pairing will speed up turnaround time on projects, improve customer experience and give your business a competitive advantage.

Initially, the thought of transitioning to this space can be overwhelming for business owners because of the cost. But if you weigh up the options, the long-term financial benefits are a no-brainer. Our experts at Triple4 have a strong track record in helping companies like yours navigate their journey. We’ve put together workshops to introduce groups to the concept before jumping into it.

Our services range from business enablement and speech analytics; to Microsoft Teams, Cloud Services, and more. We tailor a strategic roadmap that outlines an approach for your business’s needs. It’s our responsibility to help you meet your digital goals.

Getting started with digital transformation

Before we unpack how to approach digital transformation, it’s worth pointing out that business owners should think about this journey as a long-term solution to solving current, and future challenges. By introducing a collaborative software such as Microsoft Teams, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. This step will improve communication and allow for transparency between groups. By adding clarity to your company culture, your productivity will boost.

Map down the meaning of “digital” to your business

Depending on what a company does and how it operates, the perception of digital will differ. It can mean a multitude of things. For some businesses, it merely implies digitisation. In contrast, for others, it refers to a complete, transformative approach to their business’s processes and operations. Considering how this opinion can change from company to company, it’s essential to know “why” you would incorporate digital into your business. Also, it would be best if you asked “how” it could solve challenges.

Manage the change from the get-go

The process of transformation in a company relies on many voices, not only that of the CIO. However, the direction will be put forward by the CIO. They also need to lean on other C-suite members, especially the CEO. After all, the CEO makes the final decision. When management discusses the roadmap towards a fully digitally-led company, ensure employees are kept in the loop to avoid any miscommunication or resistance around this change.

Connect employees through technology

Reliable, internal communication is the foundation of this change. Employees need to feel connected to one another. A platform such as Microsoft Teams can provide employees with that connection. 

It is essential to note that it will not be easy for employees to switch. Management must be patient and accept pushback. Creating awareness and desire is important. Triple4 can assist your teams in easing into the change. In addition, we offer a range of workshops, as part of our business enablement services. All too support employees every step of the way.

Consult with a technology partner

The C-Suite should not take the process of transformation lightly. It does require professional advice. Fortunately, we understand that digital transformation is about business transformation. Therefore, one of the first things we figure out is the outcome you want to achieve. By applying our digital transformation services, we accomplish that objective.

Don’t forget to prioritise your data

In addition to mapping down your challenges and requirements, you need to consider your company’s and your customers’ data. You will need to have your information safely stored in the cloud. This makes it easier to scale up or scale down your operation at any point. Furthermore, by implementing the right systems you will prevent anyone from accessing your private information. Similarly, you must consider data protection acts, such as GDPR and the POPI. Lastly, it has become law for any business to be transparent with its customers about how they use their data.

Start your digital transformation journey with Triple4

If you’re ready for a digital transformation in your company, Triple4 is your go-to partner.

Our teams will be thrilled to analyse your business. We will tailor an approach that will help you solve your most challenging business problems. In such a competitive space, companies need to be confident about their status and be able to run diverse operations with relatively low overheads to survive. To make that happen, you need to engage with the right providers. Contact Triple4 today!