Extending identity services geographically through the deployment of new domain controllers

Triple 4 replaced a server which had reached end-of-life whilst reducing the risk of hardware failure.  In addition, through raising forest and domain functional levels, the customer is now able to install the latest updates and subsequently reducing vulnerability and security risks in the environment.


Masana Petroleum Solutions are a marketer and supplier of petroleum products and solutions to various business-to-business sectors in South Africa. With 13 years of experience, Masana prides themselves on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Through its association with Energy & Combustion Services, Masana provides highly innovative solutions to the mining and industrial sectors, aiming to significantly increase fuel savings.  Shareholders within Masana include BP Southern Africa, Kwanati Consortium and Masana Employee Share Trust. 

Masana has two offices one of which is based in Johannesburg, the other is based in Durban.



Masana Petroleum Solutions had a physical Dell R230 server that had reached the end of its warranty and support. Based in Durban, with the server being used as a Domain controller for the region, and as a file repository, it was necessary that it be replaced. Masana also required assistance in migrating the Active Directory Domain Services to the new server from the end-of-life Domain Controller. Additionally, Masana’s Forest and Domain functional levels were set to server 2003, this prevented deployment of a Windows 2016 as a Domain Controller.


In addressing the challenge, server replacement was the only solution offered to the customer. As all the current and physical servers had reached end-of-life at Masana’s Durban premises it was proposed that a new windows 2016 server be installed, configured and promoted to a Domain Controller. 

It was also noted that in order to install a new physical server running windows 2016 server and promoting it to a Domain Controller, the Forest and Domain functional levels needed to be raised to a minimum of 2008 R2. Triple4 recommended raising the Forest and Domain functioning levels to 2012.  Proceeding with the server replacement, the replacement was installed, updated and configured. In order to promote the server to a Domain Controller the Forest and Domain, functional levels were raised. 

Once this was completed all the necessary checks were carried out to ensure that the server promotion was completed successfully. Additional server roles including DNS, DHCP were also migrated to the new Domain Controller as well as any user data that was housed on the replaced server. Managed services have been rolled out on the new server. Following successful migration, the old Domain Controller was demoted and decommissioned.


“Triple4 is our longest serving IT Managed Service provider partner. They have been a trusted partner for Masana Petroleum Solution’s day to day IT operational activities, infrastructure maintenance and projects.

We have completed over 15 medium to big IT projects together through the years.  Running a Technology and Operational services of a multibillion-rand Petroleum business requires a trusty, highly skilled IT resources and impeccable project management abilities.

I am confident to say that I can always rely on Triple4 for such. Together, we have successfully completed a complex move of offices from Parktown to Rosebank whilst ensuring zero business interruption from both the customer order to cash perspective, the Durban office and normal day to day business activities. I highly recommend them.”

Alphy Mamabolo, Manager: Technology and Operational Services

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