Calling and Telephony

with Microsoft Teams

Your introduction to using Teams for Calling 

Microsoft has been providing telephony platforms for a decade; each iteration becomes better and adding functionality. It started with Office Communication Server, move on throughout the year to Skype for Business which eventually got integrated into Teams. The user experience now through teams is clean and the same regardless of platform. Microsoft Teams is a cloud PBX with a single integrated hub of collaboration, document management and a meeting platform.

Direct Routing

Triple4 has a resilient voice platform that connects via direct routing to Microsoft Teams, allowing you to have your full cloud PBX with Triple4. Port your numbers, or have new ranges assigned to you. Our voice rates are highly competitive. Take your office number with you, wherever you go on your mobile device, laptop or tablet. By activating direct routing, Teams becomes a full cloud PBX, with all the expected functionality, such as switchboard auto attendants, menu systems, public network calls, 1:n telephony, music on hold, call parking, hunt groups, dialling plans and more. Additionally, using Triple4 as the provider of your direct routing allows for the optional addition of compliancy call recording, and even advanced speech analytics where we can provide business analytics on the purposes, attitudes and moods of the calls taking place in your organization.

Shared Line

Provides people with the ability to share their phone line with their delegates. Full Invite Flow & Call Management:

  • Manager Initiated 
  • Delegate Managed or Initiated
  • See line status and active call information
  • Resume a call on hold by manager or admin
  • Make/receive shared line calls
  • IT Pro experience to create on behalf of users



Auto-Attendants & Response Groups

Assign an inbound number to a response group, and have a welcome greeting and hunting for the appropriate agent, based on your own business rules (next available, serial hunting).


Call Parking

Park a call until someone can take the call through group call pickup.


Allows for other users to answer for you or call on your behalf.

Voice Mail

Route calls based on a variety of options to a voice mailbox, which takes a message and sends it as a transcribed email with MP3 attachment to the user’s Outlook mailbox.


Switch to Meeting

Convert the call into a conference call at any time, and if one of the participants is another team’s user, add video and share content at the click (or tap) of a button.

Optional Telephony and Calling Extensions

by Triple4


As an option, Triple4 provides for compliancy grade call recording, accessible via the 4CustomerZone. Calls are recorded and processed transparently in the background. Complete with filtering and search, managers and supervisors see their teams calls as well as their own through tight integration with the Teams user hierarchy.

Data available and searchable:

  • By team
  • By caller
  • By called
  • Data and Time
  • Duration

Speech Analytics

Beyond recording of calls, Triple4 has a further addon that provides for real business value. Our analytics uses transcription and algorithmic analysis of calls to interpret the attitude and purpose of calls; as well as allowing for tagging for action via Power Automate.

Sifting through thousands of calls in your recording database infers that you know what to look for and consumes much time. In contrast, through our Machine Learning and Cognitive interpretation of calls, Triple4 Speech Analytics can point out where to start investigating and what to be watching.

Enable Calling from your Teams

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