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Security as a Service

Our security-as-a-service is a series of methodologies that meet our objectives, using a product agnostic approach that allows us to utilize the best fit for the situation.  We assist those organisations that are not able to manage, monitor and provide assurance reporting about the effectiveness and posture of their security controls to stakeholders, by doing so on their behalf or to provide support to their teams if that is needed.

What’s included?


Email, Endpoint and Perimeter Security


Web Security, Event Logs, Audit Logs, Vulnerability Scanning


DR/ Backup Security


Data Loss and Data Leak Prevention


Authentication Realms

Collaborative IT as a Service

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Endpoint Monitoring, Detection and Response

The endpoint is by far the weakest link in any environment, as this is where the ICT illiterate workforce can introduce many risks and compromises into an environment, by clicking a link on a phishing email or by browsing to a site or bringing a memory stick from an untrusted source into the network. These risks are heightened in an age of Work-from-Anywhere where endpoint devices are leaving the secured enterprise environment and being used for work in home.

Core Service Monitoring and Response

The core services are arguably the most critical, simply due to the concentration of corporate intellectual property, sensitive and business critical data, and other compliance governed information, such as private information, financial data, and records, just to name a few.

When core services are compromised, the organisation’s existence itself is at risk.

Triple4 use a similar approach as with the endpoints to manage the core services of the network, paying greater attention to components that would be negligible at the endpoint layer, such a data permission, as an example.

Access Monitoring and Response

Using a SIEM, Triple4 will connect to every data generating sourcing in the customer tenant environments and monitor these events for occurrences and patterns that are of concern. These we can then act against in defence and protection of the environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

Triple4 combines technology and security experts to perform vulnerability assessments. There is continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities through the plethora of different technologies employed daily.  These are both pro-active and routine checks done by our skilled engineers and automated systems.

Email Security

Email is a critical component of organizational communication because it enables users to communicate quickly, easily, and with a variety of devices. Email security tools shield your business from email-based attacks like spam, phishing, and attachments with malware embedded.

Deliverables and Output

The key deliverable from a Triple4 SECaaS is identification of gaps and weaknesses in an environment before they become problematic through the monitoring of the environment and the data generated.

We measure ourselves against the industry mean security score, as defined by Microsoft. Our deliverable objective is to exceed the industry mean average. This is a moving score, as new threats and trends evolve monthly, but is highlight clearly by the systems and reports.

Increased Security

Triple4 will utilise the latest security tools and updates to respond to security threats



Highly skilled network security experts are costly, SECaaS grants you access to these experts without incurring additional payroll costs

Cost Reduction

SECaaS avoids capital outlay and instead uses a subscription model to reduce the total cost of ownership for your security platform.

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