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A tool that analyses conversations

It drives continual improvement, by providing a platform for compliance, review and action.

We’ve invested in building our own cognitive voice analysis platform on the back of Microsoft Azure. Our AI driven solution works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to record and analyse internal and external calls in up to 44 different languages.

A full API layer ensures seamless and fully-customisable integration with existing applications or platforms, helping you hear, speak to and better understand your customers.

Speech Analytics Call List

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Speech Analytics Dashboard

Some of the immediate benefits

After just a month of learning, this is what we unlock

Improve customer service


Identify training needs

Identify possible fraudulent activity

Reduce overheads

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Explaining the 


Mood Bias

Track the mood across the entire organisation, or individual teams (through our integration with Microsoft Teams), and correlate dips and peaks to real events that occurred in the business for continual organisational improvement.


Natural Language

It’s like normalising your playlist to the same volume, we normalise the speakers natural pronunciation to a flat energy form to get more accurate analysis.


Intent decision Making

We use complex algorithms to analyse precisely what is being said to identify the true intent of the conversation, and then make impactful decisions based on the that intent.

Baysian Statistics

This is a system for describing knowledgable uncertainty using the mathematical language of probability


Sentiment Analysis

We measure sentiment on speech and text across 5 parts of the conversation, apply a weighting and measure.

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