Reasons to consider storing your data digitally

May 12, 2021 | Infrastructure Management, IT Strategy

Digital transformation has encouraged business owners to find a better solution to document management. Gone are the days where employees needed to search for a document that will help them complete an urgent project. Modern business operations are shifting, and if you want to become more efficient, you need to move to an online solution.

If you are a company which produces, stores, and shares large volumes of data every day, it is key to consider the safety of your information. Excessive amounts of confidential information are a costly risk, not only for security purposes, but you will need to ensure you have space and storage facilities for all this information. Document shredders are not an option; employees could easily access this information in-house, putting your business in a vulnerable position. And, if a file goes missing, your business (and clients) will be placed in jeopardy as their information is not backed up.

So, considering the above problems, it is time to look at alternative storage opportunities. For one, this switch will significantly limit the physical challenges you might endure with filed information. However, it does amplify your online risk. With Triple4’s assistance, we’ll provide you with a solution you need to store information electronically.

Reasons to choose digital data storage

In an age where operations take place online, it is a no-brainer to consider a virtual storage solution. While printed documents can serve a specific purpose when needed, it is not easy to manage that data efficiently. Online storage offers employees visible folders that can be secured with password encryption and authentication if necessary. Not only does this save space in the office, but it enables you to make backups without hassle. This painless process is fast; with the click of a button, you can search an entire ‘cloud’ for one document. It will also reduce the risk of physical theft and contribute to your long-term business vision of working in a paperless office.

Storing our data online is more efficient.

Outsourcing your storage to third-party providers will eliminate in-house maintenance on servers. Triple4 will ensure your data is protected, and we will help you manoeuvre your data in the most efficient way. Now that everything will be sitting in a virtual cloud, you can access documents electronically and scale your applications accordingly.

Recover and protect your data.

The more businesses move to a paperless, digital business model, the savvier cyber criminals become. Knowing this, it is crucial for business owners, and employees, to understand the risk of storing your content online, as well as the repercussions of a data breach. Business owners are always concerned about data safety and protection, and rightly so. Triple4 is the IT support and management provider you need to implement cyber security measures and maintain your data. With disaster recovery services, we will also ensure your information is backed up, should a disaster occur.

Track your information with the click of a button.

Digital environments are not only convenient, but they are easy to navigate. You will be able to track data online with the click of a button; allowing you to sieve through the exact information you need. This fast deployment increases productivity in the workplace significantly. Since everything appears on the cloud, as completed, or edited, it will give you and your teams better visibility of data on the cloud. Over time, you will be able to streamline reporting and optimise workflows. This will give you instant results and enable you to improve your approach in real-time.

Information comes easily accessible.

Today, it would be chaotic if people were to reference printed documents to complete tasks. Without the cloud, the information will be stored on the premises, or a particular employees’ computer, making it incredibly challenging for teams to collaborate. On a shared server, however, multiple users can access and share information securely.

Chose Triple4 for your data storage needs.

Businesses which are looking to move their information to the cloud require a trustworthy IT provider. Triple4 will manage your IT needs, giving you total control over your digital environments. Our IT services for businesses will help you transform your business for the future, making it easier to compete with competitors in similar industries.

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