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Penetration Testing and its Purpose

 01 Demonstrate real world risk by simulating a malicious threat actor

02 Evaluate current security detection and monitoring controls

03 Provide businesses with remediation strategies to mitigate risks

 04 Understand how attackers target their most confidential/sensitive data


Assessment Capabilities

we offer two different automated PENETRATION testing services to guide your organization to a better security posture and program


INTERNAL NETWORK PENTEST: Employing a device connected to your internal infrastructure, our expert consultants will identify security weaknesses within your internal network. These assessments mirror the tactics of potential malicious actors.


EXTERNAL NETWORK PENTEST: Stepping into the shoes of a malicious intruder operating from the public Internet, our consultants will uncover security vulnerabilities in your external network setup. These weaknesses may encompass patching, configuration, and authentication concerns.

Our Automated Penetration Test Methodology

Triple4’s PenTest combines multiple methodologies that were once manually conducted into an automated fashion to consistently provide maximum value to organizations.



Automatically perform egress filtering to ensure that your organization is effectively restricting unnecessary outbound traffic. Unrestricted outbound access can allow a malicious actor to exfiltrate data from your organization’s environment using traditional methods and unmonitored ports.


Upon the discovery of user account credentials, Triple4’s PenTest will automatically attempt to validate those credentials and determine where they are most useful. This is a common process executed by both malicious attackers and penetration testers and is performed during privilege escalation.


Using a valid set of credentials, Triple4’s PenTest will attempt to identify valuable areas within your organization.


With elevated access, Triple4’s PenTest will attempt to upload malicious code onto remote systems to test the organization’s end-point anti-malware controls.

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