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Preparing, Managing and Reinforcing Change
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Processes and Toolsets 

Change management is the application of processes and tools to manage the people side of change from a current state to a new future state so that the desired results of the change (and expected return on investment) are achieved.

Change Management works together with Business Leadership/Project Sponsors and the Project Management Team to ensure that projects meet objectives, finish on time and on budget, and realize the Return on Investment.

Throughout the project feedback is collected and analysed to identify gaps and manage resistance through the implementation of corrective actions to ensure success of the project.

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Change Management Plans

Assessments are carried out on the business and impacted individuals in order to create a change management strategy, prepare the change management team as well as prepare Sponsors (executive and leaders).

Projects with excellent change management effectiveness are more than six times more likely to achieve project objectives than projects with poor change management effectiveness.

Best Practices in Change Management 2018

Page 87, Prosci


Communication Plan


Sponsor Roadmap


Coaching Plan


Resistance Management Plan


Training Plan

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