Document Management

with Microsoft Teams

Welcome to structured document management in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a beautifully intuitive interface into the powerful capabilities of SharePoint, unifying the collaborative nature of Teams with its document management and structuring capabilities. Document management allows for the control of document life cycles, the creation, reviewing and publishing of data.


Structuring Data

Using technologies such as managed metadata and deciding on taxonomies, it becomes relatively simple – with the right know-how – to create an enforceable digital filing solution that will replicate the good old, tried and trusted filing cabinet.

Structuring data allows for an organization to enable data management that not only aids in efficiency but also in protecting valuable intellectual property, ensuring that only the right people have access and data cannot be stolen.



Each Team has a matching library, and on that library, it is possible to define a default set of templates; allowing only approved file types to be created new within that library. By doing this, you further enable users to not data sprawl the incorrect files into your structured environment, as well as always find the latest, correct and approved set of templates for generating new content in your business.

Information Rights Management

With Enterprise licensing, you further get IRM, probably one of the most valuable features in Teams and SharePoint. It allows you to control document access at the highest possible level; you can prevent users from printing, changing, but also restricting access to file data offline after a specified period.

Version History

There is nothing more frustrating than having a document change suddenly without any tracking or information on what changed or duplications of the same document. With version history, you can apply automatic versioning, with optional approval on major version publishing. Check-in and out, allows users to see who is working on a document and alternatively collaboratively join in and edit at the same time.

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