What is Cloud Computing?

Mar 8, 2021 | Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Modern technologies are demanding businesses to innovate to survive. Today’s generation of employees are digitally savvy; it is hard to imagine filing paperwork and sharing physical hard drives to access tasks. This outdated approach is a security hazard for business owners, and to be frank, the furthest thing from digital transformation. Your competitors are likely reaping the benefits of operating online, so it is time for you to dabble in the cloud.

‘Cloud computing’ is a complex topic to understand – especially when you are unfamiliar with the latest technological advancements and ingenious software models. Cloud computing encompasses a virtual facility that users can connect to for a variety of applications and uses. It is also ideal for data storage and management, enabling employees to collaborate on tasks regardless of their location and optimise workflow.

How does the ‘cloud’ work?

Before you commit to the cloud, you need to know how this innovative “space” works. The cloud contains information and programs hosted by external providers instead of on your business-owned equipment. So, if your confidential information is under attack, a trusted external party can log into your account and implement preventions on your behalf. These professionals are on standby 24-hours a day, ensuring that companies are protected. And, of course, if your hardware decides to crash, your employees will still be able to access business information on a new device.

It is as simple as it appears; all you need to do is log-in to your cloud server, access data online and edit documents in real-time. Users can download information if need be, and they can share data internally. With three main cloud computing categories, namely, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Triple4 will guide you on choosing the right cloud computing strategy to complement your objectives.

How is cloud computing managed?

By switching to the cloud, you are minimising your equipment and infrastructure management needs. Triple4 will take responsibility for your digital environments, be it software upgrades or cloud-based cybersecurity. This convenient, reliable, and secure service has simplistic interfaces that make it easier to operate. With endless operational benefits, including improved flexibility and collaboration, up-to-date disaster recovery plan and more, you can harness cloud computing to transform your digital approach. Let us take a look at four steps to secure the best cloud environment for your business:

Carefully consider your IT partner

When you choose a cloud hosting provider, it is vital to find a company with a positive reputation. Please make sure the company you select have a strong track-record with their security and privacy policies and compliance standards. At Triple4, we create long-term relationships with our clients, tailoring each approach to suit a business’ objectives. Our business solutions let you respond to shifting customer expectations and industry trends.

It is up to you to negotiate your agreement

When you’re in the decision-making process of finding a provider for your business, you need to stipulate your service level agreement (SLA) terms. We recommend considering service providers who are open to discussing your required needs. Try and consider factors like who owns your data, response and resolution times, and how it is protected online. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand what is happening in your digital environments, so if anything happens, you can communicate issues and resolve them immediately. This agreement should also include scaling opportunities and exit planning.

Step up your security and look after your data

Triple4 offers clients several services, including cloud information security. Our teams have years of experience keeping large volumes of data and applications safe, preventing data breaches. If your business does endure a data breach, our teams will act fast to recover this information and use a mitigation plan to avoid downtime. It is management’s responsibility to educate staff about internal procedures to prevent Internet crime where possible.

Keep up to date with your cloud services

As much as you are dependant on a provider to assist you with your cloud needs, it is up to you to monitor your digital environments. If your employees are alert, you will be able to solve issues faster and make decisions on any strange behaviour that you have noticed online. Keep your provider informed of any concerns you may encounter.

Final thoughts

If you want to keep up with your competitors in the digital world, you need to adopt a new mindset. The cloud’s opportunities are endless, and it can truly take your business to new heights. You can depend on Triple4 to streamline your operations.